Zoom’s Live Captions feature is now available in 30 languages


Zoom’s live caption feature is now available in 30 languages. At the annual Zootopia conference organized by Zoom on Monday, it was discussed what new features are coming to Zoom.

At the beginning of this year, Zoom said that the feature of live captions will be available for all users. Similarly, the app will also support the feature of live translation in 12 languages. Everyone will get this feature by next year.

Zoom is bringing this feature after buying a startup for real-time translation. Zoom is also working exclusively on whiteboards, which will initially be available for the web. The beta of this feature will be released later this year and users will get a separate whiteboard tab.

Zoom also aims to bring video conferencing software and whiteboard features to the company’s Horizon Workroom by collaborating with Facebook. The feature of end-to-end encryption will also come in the Zoom phone, which will make Zoom calls even more secure.

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