Remittances can now also be received from MdBly mobile app


It is now possible to receive money sent from abroad through the mdbly mobile app. On the occasion of its 19th anniversary, Infodevelopers has added the facility of receiving remittances from Mdbly.

You can send and receive money all over the country from the comfort of your own home. Infodevelopers has started remittance service in collaboration with Iseva Remittance.

Infodevelopers said that they will also collaborate with other remittance service providers in Nepal. The members of cooperatives and microfinance institutions can instantly transfer their account amount to the accounts of various banks and financial institutions in Nepal through the MDB mobile app developed by InfoDevelopers.

Likewise, members can use this service to transfer their account balance, view balance information, statements, get loan information and pay, and also recharge phone, internet, and TV from this service.

Also, they can pay electricity and water bills, book air tickets, make QR payments (phone pay), pay insurance premiums, pay school bills, etc. from home.

In collaboration with the country’s leading payment service providers Iseva, Khalti, IME Pay, Prabhu Pay, MDB is providing digital banking services to cooperatives and microfinance institutions through the mobile banking platform.

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