Remittance Payment Agreement between Smith & Smith of Romania and Iseva Money Transfer


A remittance payment agreement has been signed between Isewa Money Transfer, which is bringing in remittances in Nepal, and Smith & Smith, Romania’s first money transfer company.

With the agreement, Nepalis studying, working and living in Romania will be able to send money to their relatives and friends in Nepal directly from any branch of Smith & Smith in Romania to the respective person’s bank account in Nepal.

In addition, funds can be sent immediately to Iseva Wallet, which has a network of 5 million users across the country. Likewise, remittances from Romania’s Smith & Smith can be received immediately through the network of more than 18,000 agents/networks of Iseva Money Transfer across Nepal.

Sending remittance to Isewa wallet will cost extra Rs. 77 bonus amount can also be received. Currently, as the ‘Remitotsav’ scheme of Iseva Money Transfer is running, if you send money to Nepal through Iseva Money Transfer from Smith & Smith, you can win 5,000 rupees daily and even 50,000 rupees in bumper.

The remittance payment agreement was signed by Chief Executive Officer Azes Koirala on behalf of Isewa Money Transfer and Administrator Georgetta Poknez from Smith & Smith.

Speaking about the agreement, Ajes Koirala, CEO of Iseva Money Transfer, said, “Nepalese have been studying, working and living in Romania since before and through this agreement, we want to make it easier for them to send money to Nepal through digital means.

Also, we are confident that customers will send remittances to Nepal through Smith & Smith and Iseva Money Transfer, as remittances can be sent immediately with low service charges”.

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