Rekha and Gokul got four times more money from IME’s offer


The winner of IME MoneyTransfer’s Dashaintihar special double double double double offer for the month of October has been announced. Through the system-based ‘lucky draw’, beneficiaries Dway Rekha Rai and Gokul Thapa Magar were declared winners on Friday.

Rekha and Gokul received four times the amount they sent. The winners sent 32 thousand 986 and 41 thousand 222 rupees respectively to their relatives in Nepal during the offer period from IME through Rhea Financial Service in America and Al Ansari Exchange in UAE. The company said that the winning amount will be given to the winner or their close relatives on their recommendation.

Similarly, the company has also announced the winners of the third week and the fourth week. According to the company, Sunil Magar, Chhatra Bahadur Jimmy, Vikas Khajum and Bhanu Acharya have been selected as weekly winners. They have received twice the amount sent as gifts.

IME announced that the double double offer for the festival will be valid for a total of 57 days from October 1st to October 26th.

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