Now the payment of jewelery can be made digital, an agreement between gold and silver traders and Gateway Payment Nepal


An agreement regarding payment services has been made between Nepal Gold and Silver Business Federation and Gateway Payment Nepal. On Sunday, Federation President Manik Ratna Shakya and Gateway Payment Nepal consultant Ashok Krishna Shrestha signed the agreement.

After this agreement between the two organizations, gold and silver traders will be able to take payment for jewelery sold nationally and internationally through the digital system. After this agreement, it will be easier to pay money through online banking, internet banking, mobile banking, wallet and domestic and international cards after purchasing gold and silver jewellery. It is believed that it will benefit both consumers and businesses.

Gateway Payment Nepal will work as a facilitator for this. Shakya, president of the Federation, said that this agreement can be used to sell jewelery nationally and internationally and pay for it easily through the digital system.
According to Shrestha, consultant of Gateway Payment Nepal, this technology will make it easier to do business and it will help the businessmen to become independent.

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