Now all the crimes are becoming ‘electronic crimes’


Some time ago, I came across a national daily newspaper which clearly stated that previously stolen and looted goods should have been brought in a truck but nowadays it is difficult to find a bag of stolen goods when arresting a thief or a looter. But its value is almost the same. However, due to the prevalence of technology and the modernization of society to some extent, such seized goods are becoming more and more associated with digital technology. For example: different types of smartphones, cameras, different types of laptops and gadgets related to such devices. If we try to understand something from this, the crimes that have appeared nowadays are more than the traditional crimes like theft, looting and other crimes. According to the same social transformation, it has changed to a great extent. In other words, since some electronic device i.e. information technology has been used in every case, there is no doubt that all their crimes are being transformed into electronic crimes.

When it comes to stolen or lost items, police data shows that cases of missing mobile phones are registered on a daily basis. In fact, there has been an increase in technology-related criminal activity. For example, if there is an incident of theft or robbery somewhere, information technology is used to give meaning to that incident. That is, the perpetrator performs the task using the mobile or the phone, that is, the crime is made successful. Nowadays, such incidents are also developing institutionally. Some similar activities have appeared in recent incidents.
Similarly, in the event of a collision between two vehicles or a person hitting a vehicle and its driver absconding, the driver is more likely to report his or her last condition to a relative or close person. Because man is a social being. In other words, in such a situation, the possibility of using information technology mobile or other communication device is very high. These are some of the criminal activities indirectly involving electronic devices. Similarly, other heinous crimes such as murder, kidnapping, ransom, etc., the possibility of using the phone, mobile, computer, etc. is very high.

Similar incidents have been reported in recent killings, kidnappings and ransoms. The use of computer (social network) has become excessive in spreading sexual perversion in the society, killing the character of women including people with social status. False information can also be published on such social media and sometimes it can have a negative impact on the flow of good information. An example of this was the killing of innocent Nepalis in Iraq. This made the crowd uncontrollable. Similarly, the last time information was spread in Malaysia that a Nepali was killed through a similar social network, which could not be verified by the concerned body. This also brought some coldness in Nepali society.
A few months ago, I had the opportunity to meet Ramesh Sharma Poudel, a director of a customs department. According to him, the invoices of most of the goods imported to Nepal have been reduced. It is easy to estimate how much revenue is being leaked in the country and also how the traders are earning black money easily. Even in such business activities, computer, mobile and other devices are widely used to exchange information and carry out their business activities. This issue is thought provoking and sensitive as it is directly related to revenue and purchasing power of the people.

It is a well-known fact that the telecommunication sector of Nepal has incurred a loss of crores of rupees and revenue leakage has also come to the fore. Although some activities of the police have been reduced in such activities, new technologies related to this subject are also being introduced. Similarly, it was made public that the theft of a computer program of a company Kyagchav Ayambh was investigated and action was taken by Rikshya. Therefore, criminal activities using electronic devices are appearing in our society and in our society, from ordinary incidents to big incidents. Moreover, the possibility of some of the technologies of such activities being at a high level cannot be ruled out. So speaking on this basis, we can feel that all these crimes are being transformed into electronic crimes.

The crimes that have taken place nowadays are very different from the traditional crimes like theft, looting and other crimes according to the same social transformation. In other words, since some electronic device i.e. information technology has been used in every case, there is no doubt that all their crimes are being transformed into electronic crimes.

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