NEA’s instruction to distribute SIM only after verifying the documents, warning to take action otherwise


Nepal Telecommunication Authority has instructed the mobile service providers to distribute SIM cards and Remcards only after verifying the documents as per the rules.

The NEA issued a notice on Tuesday drawing attention to the fact that the service provider did not fill in the KYC (Know Your Customer) properly and did not verify the documents as per the rules while distributing SIM cards and remcards.

According to the NEA, the mobile service providers have not filled the form (KYC) required to be filled while selling and distributing SIM cards / remcards of the mobile service providers and as per the rules, the service providers are distributing SIM cards / remcards to the customers as per the instructions and rules. (KYC) has been informed through this information to sell and distribute SIM card / remcard only by filling in and verifying the details and customers also purchase SIM card / remcard only on the basis of their own actual details.

NEA has also warned to take action as per the prevailing law if it is found that SIM card / Remcard has been bought and sold contrary to the information.

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