Instagram stole a feature called Stories from competing app Snapchat.


Instagram, a photo-sharing site owned by Facebook, has made itself user-friendly by stealing many other features. Like he stole a feature called Stories from competing app Snapchat.

While the storage feature was gaining popularity on Snapchat, the small company Snapchat got into trouble after learning about it from Instagram.
Even now, Instagram has not stopped stealing other people’s features.

This year, Instagram has unveiled a new app called Thread. In which Instagram users can chat with their close friends.
Looking at this app of Instagram, it seems that it is exactly a copy of the feature of Snapchat.

The thread app is based on the camera. This means users can exchange videos or photos with their friends rather than send letters from it.
Like Facebook and Messenger, it is an extension of Instagram’s messaging feature Direct.

The thread can be used even if it is not installed on the Instagram phone. In this way, just like the chat app is separated from the Facebook app, it seems that Instagram is trying to separate the message feature from its app.

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