Global Smart Plus can now transact in Indian payment systems like Paytm, Google Pay


Global IME Bank has entered into an agreement with Payment Nepal (Gateway Payment Services Pvt. Ltd) to resume QR facility for customers within Nepal-India.

According to the agreement, by using this bank’s mobile banking app Global Smart Plus, when purchasing goods for its customers in India, transactions can be made through various Indian payment systems such as BharatPay, Paytm, Google Pay, etc.

In order to provide this facility, the agreement letter was signed by Chief Executive Officer Ratnaraj Bajracharya on behalf of Global IME Bank and Chief Executive Officer Rajesh Prasad Manandhar on behalf of Payment Nepal.

After the service is operational, cross-border payments between Nepal and India will be possible through this facility. Now Indian banks and financial institutions and other payment providers’ payment services such as Bharat Pay, Paytm, Google Pay etc. can conduct business transactions between Nepali and Indian traders through QR payment. In addition, bank customers will also be able to make payments to Indian merchants using this facility.

Similarly, customers will also be able to transfer funds from Indian banks and financial institutions and other payment service providers to Global IME Bank accounts. It will also promote cross border remittance business.

Global IME Bank has always been in the forefront for the promotion of digital payment system which is developing as a safe and reliable means.

Global IME Bank Limited has 289 branches, 254 ATMs, 274 branchless banking services, 49 extension and revenue collection counters and 3 foreign representative offices across the country, providing services to more than 2.8 million customers from around 860 service centers.

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