Chance to win up to 1 Lakh on downloading My Pay mobile app


By downloading the digital wallet My Pay mobile app, you can win up to 1 lakh. My Pay has informed that 10 lucky customers will be given up to 1 lakh under the ‘Download and Win’ scheme.

In addition, if 30 people purchase 2000 or more goods from Gapu Marketplace, they will also get a discount coupon worth 200 rupees.

My Payco is a participant in this scheme and download the mobile app by clicking here . Currently, My Pay’s mobile app is only available on Android.

You will also have to download the My Pay app and verify the KYC of your account. Similarly, My Pay’s Facebook page and Instagram account should be flowed.

You have to share My Pay’s post about this scheme publicly or you can go to that post by clicking here . While sharing the post, you have to mention 5 of your friends and you have to use the hashtag #MyPay #AbaHarekDayMyPay #NewYearWithMypay.

One can participate in this scheme by downloading the My Pay app till December 31 at 12 pm. My Pay is a payment service provider licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank.

Various online payments can be made through this. Up to 25 percent discount will also be available for the first transaction through My Pay.

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