Blind date feature launched on Tinder


The blind date feature has been released on Tinder. The blind date feature has been released in Tinder’s Explore section.

It will remind users of the way dating was done before the advent of smartphones. This is a new Fast Chat feature, which allows two members of the app to view each other’s profiles only after pairing.

This will give users a chance to get to know each other by putting each other’s personalities first.

In order to leave a good impression, both parties have to communicate well, so it is known what the user’s personality is.

In order to match the pair, both the users put some icebreaker questions and only knowing the answers to those questions, the users of both sides will go to the chat according to the time and even after the time period, if the two parties are matched with each other, the profile will be viewable by each other.

There is an opportunity to find 40 percent faster pairs. For now, the feature that is only available in the US will be released to other countries gradually.

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