Any bank’s credit card bill payment can be done free of cost from esewa


Credit card bill payments of any bank and financial institution can be made free of charge through Iseva, Nepal’s leading payment service provider.

Isewa has introduced this facility to encourage online credit card payments. As a result, it is expected that there will be great ease for users who use credit cards from banks and financial institutions.

This scheme will be operational till April 30. In recent days, the number of users using credit cards is increasing in Nepal. More than 50 banks and financial institutions are currently affiliated to Iseva.

Users who have an Iseva account can easily make credit card payments through their mobile phones, while users who do not have an Iseva account can make credit card payments through nearby Iseva zones, points and cash points.

Isewa has brought a lot of ease in financial transactions from the affluent areas of Nepal to the poor settlements through digital means.

Payment of mobile, telephone, internet, electricity and water tariff, recharge, airplane, bus ticket, school and college fees and other services can be paid through Iseva.

There are currently 51 banks and financial institutions as members of Iseva. From these banks, you can easily deposit money in Iseva and send money from Iseva to your bank account.

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