36 billion fine to WhatsApp for sharing data with Facebook


WhatsApp is going to pay a fine of 267 million EU dollars or 36.96 billion 1.3 million rupees for sharing data with Facebook. The Iris Data Protection Commission is about to pay a fine against WhatsApp for not sharing enough details with its users in the European Union.

This app has been found not to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) transparency rules. It was also found that WhatsApp was creating pseudonymous contact numbers where they were supposed to be anonymous.

It has been found that a hash code is used to encrypt the number which can be easily decrypted through some codes. The Iris Data Protection Commission has directed WhatsApp to improve its transparency and data sharing under GDPR.

The Irish Data Protection Commission initially thought that WhatsApp would be fined only 6 billion, but the fine was increased after Germany and other countries voiced that the Commission was trying to give a light sentence despite the loss of privacy. WhatsApp maintains that it is very transparent.

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