27-year-old Vinay Khadka appointed as CEO of Khalti


Khalti, a leading digital payment service provider in Nepal, has appointed Vinay Khadka as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The company said that he took over as CEO at the age of 27, making him the youngest CEO in Nepal’s fintech industry.

In his career, Khadka has gained experience in leadership roles. It is said that he will work with Khalti’s management committee on the vision of prioritizing the financial and data security of Khalti.

Khadka, who has been appointed as the CEO, says, ‘I want to transform this industry into a personal financial management platform with more features and ease, beyond the scope of being used only for payments.’

With the arrival of new leadership, the company believes that Khalti will reach new heights. Using Khalti, money can be sent to more than 60 banks, as well as mobile recharge, electricity, water, internet and DTH bill payments, film, plane, event ticket purchase, hotel room booking, payment for goods purchased through e-commerce, daily newspaper subscription fee. Many services such as payment, government tax and service charges can be taken.

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