1000 cashback on paying Jyoti Life from ‘Khalti’


Online payment service Khalti has introduced an offer for users to get a cashback of up to 1000 rupees when paying from Jyoti Life Insurance In addition, they can get pocket points of up to five thousand rupees and cashback of one hundred rupees by using the promo code on the first payment.

Khalti said that digital payments have made it easy and safe during the Corona epidemic.

Speaking about this facility, Khalti’s Chief Executive Officer Vinay Khadka said, ‘With the change in technology and development, the need for digitization is increasing rapidly. Many insurance customers prefer to pay their premiums through digital platforms. He said that this offer was brought with the aim of encouraging digital transactions and making all types of payments easy.

If the renewal insurance fee is to be paid above five thousand rupees, the customer must get his pocket verified by KYC. The company said that if you do not have a pocket account, you can register and pay from pocket service centers spread across Nepal.

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