100% cashback and chance to win smartphone on EMI payment from pocket


Payment service provider Khalti has introduced a new offer called ‘EMI Don 100 Percent Return’. Under this offer, you can win 100% cashback and a smartphone as a bumper prize on paying EMI from your pocket.

Every week, one lucky winner will get 100% cashback (upto 5000) on payment while making EMI payments of Hulas Fin Serv, Jagdamba Credit & Investment, Syakar-Honda and MW Investments Pvt Ltd and two winners will win a smartphone as a bumper gift.

This offer will run from Chait 1 to Chait 30. Regarding this offer, Binay Khadka, the chief executive officer of Khalti, said that this offer was brought with the aim of encouraging digital transactions and making all types of payments easy.

Rs. In case of payment above 5000, the customer must have his pocket KYC verified. If you don’t have a Khalti account, you can sign up or pay from any Khalti service center spread across Nepal.

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